Web Strategies

Are you getting through to your organization’s various stakeholders? There are a lot of consumers today who don’t read the newspaper, watch TV or listen to the radio. Traditional media just won’t reach them. Digital marketing is the answer, but how do you choose from an ever-expanding array of new media options? And more importantly, how do you apply them to your business or organization?

One of our goals at DNA is to stay informed about emerging technologies to help our clients maximize the impact of their marketing programs using a tailored web strategy and other e-communications. Whether it’s a website, blog, mobile app, RSS feed, Twitter, AdWords or Facebook, we’ll help you understand it, determine if it is right for your mission and harness it to engage new customers. Let us create strong, effective digital communications channels for your business or organization by identifying and developing the tools and resources that will resonate with your stakeholders. With our web expertise, DNA can enhance your online presence to help you better connect and interact with your key audiences.

E-communication services:

  • Blog management & design
  • Writing, design & distribution of: E-newsletters, E-blasts, and E-vites
  • Website development & management
  • Social media training & education
  • Social network development
  • Strategic social media plans & analytics
  • Maintenance of social media tools
  • Webinars/web conferences
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