Putting Your Organization in the Limelight

At DNA Creative Communications, we have four clearly defined steps in our process for developing dynamic, effective communications programs for our clients:

Step One: Spotlighting your DNA

Our mission is helping your business or organization connect with your audiences in a vibrant, meaningful and memorable way. To accomplish that, we first have to understand who you are, what you do and what makes you distinctive. We call that your business DNA – the essence of your company and the image in the minds of your customers and community. By talking with you and researching your industry, we identify the unique characteristics that set you apart from your competitors.

Step 2: Highlighting your needs and goals

Creating a communications strategy is like planning a trip: first you have to know where you are going. Whether you are launching a business, targeting a new audience or trying to grow your brand, we work with you to set well-defined, achievable goals to serve as a strong foundation for your marketing and promotional plans.

Step 3: Firing up your communications campaign

This is the fun stuff! We put our highly-skilled creative team to work developing the tools needed to realize your goals, pulling from our portfolio of services – advertising, branding, e-communications, public relations and special events. We’ll craft a campaign by designing graphics, writing copy, establishing timelines, coordinating media . . . in short, do whatever is needed to make sure you get maximum exposure in the most efficient way for your communications budget.

Step 4: Shedding light on results

It isn’t over when it’s over. We believe it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness of every aspect of your marketing activities. We research and measure results, see what worked best, and use that information to tweak your communication strategies and plan your next moves.

Throughout the process, DNA Creative Communications works as your partner. Together, we’ll light the way to continued success.