Project Description

Renewable Water Resources Annual Report


The Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) is one of Renewable Water Resources’ (ReWa) most extensive outreach tools to reach their target audience. It is an external publication designed to be easily understood and visually pleasing, while informing the public of ReWa’s financial health and environmental stewardship efforts.


Each year, DNA and ReWa partner to create a multifaceted tool to inform customers and accomplish the following goals

  • Comply with the GFOA requirements to publish and distribute agency financial information
  • Brand ReWa as an environmental agency that is committed to protecting public health and accessible to the community
  • Showcase community involvement to increase positive public perceptions of ReWa
  • Educate the community on environmental awareness and stewardship and ways they can contribute
  • Reach the largest number of audience members in the most cost-effective manner possible
  • Correspond with ReWa’s comprehensive public relations campaign, including a press release program, tours of facilities, special events, industry recognition program, children’s education program and customer relations


ReWa’s PAFR is distributed to the community as both a printed piece and an online publication. At the end of 2013, over 168,000 PAFRs were distributed through area newspapers as inserts within ReWa’s service area. Additionally, 600 PAFRs are mailed directly to community groups and additional copies are handed out at various events and at tours of ReWa’s treatment facilities. The reports are also available at other community and government agencies, such as ReWa’s sub-districts.

The PAFR has proven to be a successful publication in many ways. It has won the GFOA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting for the last 15 consecutive years. It also receives media attention for ReWa every year in press releases that are sent out to announce its distribution. Greenville residents have responded positively to previous PAFRs in local newspapers with customer service feedback. Since the PAFR has been in production, ReWa has seen a decrease in customer complaints and an increase in tours of wastewater treatment facilities. The PAFR is ReWa’s main external publication, and it is a useful educational tool that reaches a large and diverse audience.