Project Description

Spartanburg Regional Hospice Branding Campaign


Spartanburg Regional Hospice (SRH), a nonprofit hospice program supported by Spartanburg Regional Foundation (SRF), provides comprehensive end-of-life physical, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families in Upstate South Carolina. While part of the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, SRH sought to better connect with its specific audiences and establish its own recognizable and consistent identity that fit within the System’s branding and communications spectrum. SRF charged DNA with developing a Hospice Promotion Campaign to build public awareness and strengthen the identity of SRH. In collaboration with key stakeholders, DNA developed a comprehensive communications plan that included key messaging, online and offline strategies, and branded materials to support the plan.


DNA defined the scope of the project to include the development of messaging components, online and offline communications strategies, and a new visual identity incorporated into the design of campaign materials. As part of the planning process, DNA identified the primary target audiences to be individuals and families in search of an end-of-life destination, healthcare professionals and other caregivers, collaborating organizations, community leaders, volunteers, current and potential donors, and the community-at-large.

Overall, the campaign aimed to build public awareness of SRH and establish it as a valuable community asset and the ultimate choice for medical care at the end of life in Spartanburg. The specific goals for the campaign were to: 1) set SRH apart from other hospices in the area, 2) increase awareness of what the hospice program has to offer and why they are superior to the competition, 3) connect to all geographic areas served, and 4) initiate conversations and relationships with primary audiences. To meet these objectives, DNA sought to create memorable and effective messaging and communications strategies for SRH, establish and strengthen SRH branding, and provide communication tools for prospective patients and families, the referral network, volunteer recruitment and fundraising efforts.


Based on the campaign goals outlined in collaboration with SRH, DNA developed the following deliverables: key messaging components including an elevator pitch, FAQs and testimonials, as well as social media strategy, public relations strategy, website recommendations, and a new visual identity with SRH-branded collateral materials including a 10-page brochure booklet, rack cards and templates, referral information sheets, and a referral letter and template.

These messaging components emphasized two elements that truly define the Hospice program – SRH’s strong connection to the community as well as its ability to provide a high level of care due to staff expertise and access to the resources of the Healthcare System. The online and offline communications strategies supported this messaging and provided SRH with a strategic approach to enhance their presence on the web and in the community to incite greater engagement from target audiences. The new visual identity incorporated the existing logo and color palette of the Healthcare System while establishing a separate brand personality for SRH. The new brand featured botanical and garden imagery to support the messaging of SRH by conveying a soothing and compassionate tone to reflect the care and personal connections that SRH provides.

These final deliverables embody a strong, independent identity for SRH that appeals to its audiences and sets the program apart from other hospices, allowing SRH to reach its various stakeholders more effectively. Upon the project’s completion, SRH used these tools and materials developed by DNA to increase awareness of the program and connect with all of its served geographic areas and audiences