Project Description

SC Lions Logo and Branded Fundraising Materials


SC Lions Foundation (SCLF) is an organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being of many underserved residents in the state of South Carolina.  The SC  Lions Foundation was formed in 1974 to solicit, manage and administer funds and other assets to support the work of the SC Lions Charitable Services (SCLCS). An organization with a commitment to improving the lives of South Carolinians by providing vision and hearing health care including basic health screenings, eye surgeries, hearing devices, and optical supplies for those who would otherwise not receive assistance.


After going through an organizational restructuring, SCLF charged DNA with the creation of a new brand which when implemented would differentiate SCLF from SCLCS while maintaining a  consistent and complementary appearance. In addition to the new visual identity, DNA was to create all supporting collateral pieces for both entities.

DNA’s creative brief process identified that the new desired look should be professional, progressive and one that relates well to a corporate audience. In addition, it was requested that a representation of the state be included but no direct images related to eye sight or lions. Colors were not specified or limited in number. The primary target for the desired collateral pieces were prospective funders including grant makers, corporations and individuals. The secondary targets were the members of the Lions Clubs across South Carolina and those that benefit from the services of SCLCS.


DNA successfully designed  fresh new logos for SCLF and SCLCS and complementary print pieces including pocket folders, stacked inserts, letterhead packages, and brochures for both organizations. The colorful and progressive logo is interchangeable and can easily be adapted with the different names “Foundation” and “Charitable Services.” The logo includes a simple state outline and a colorful interlocking sphere which resembles an eyeball and dramatically illustrates the integration of the services provided by the Lions. These new pieces are being effectively utilized by SCLF’s new development officer.