Project Description

Project Rx: A River Remedy Media Campaign


Project Rx is a semi-annual public service event that was created in response to a growing concern about water quality and pharmaceutical pollution. Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) partnered with DNA with the planning, execution and branding of these events, which have seen a tremendous success within the local community. Project Rx is the only event of its kind in South Carolina, highlighting its impact and the opportunity for future growth.


The main goals of Project Rx were to create an event that offers a free and safe way to dispose of expired or unused medications, educate the community on the negative effects of flushing medications or pouring them down the drain, and establish community collaborations by partnering with other local companies or non-profit organizations.


DNA developed and executed a media campaign to promote the semi-annual Project Rx events, incorporating a variety of tactics such as print, online and outdoor advertising, grassroots efforts with a heavy presence on community calendars, newsletters and presence at community events. DNA also led media relations efforts for editorial promotion through press releases and media alerts. DNA designed and coordinated all of the printed materials for the events including bill inserts to ReWa customers, flyers, brochures (printed in both English and Spanish) and save-the-date cards which were distributed through the partner and supporter organizations, as well as in doctor’s offices, central community locations and pharmacies. At the events, DNA managed the event process at the various drive-thru sites, and the onsite media strategy to provide equal visibility among partners.

Through the planning, execution and branding of these events, there is a new awareness within the Upstate community shown through the increased number of attendees at the Project Rx events. Media coverage of the events continues strongly with an average of more than 50 media mentions annually. The campaign’s largest criterion of success remains the weight of drugs collected. As of January 2014, Project Rx has held seven drug take-back events, collecting a total of 8,402 lbs of medications.