Project Description

Mobile Meals Rebranding Campaign


As the organization was celebrating its 35th year of providing meals to the frail and homebound of Spartanburg County, Mobile Meals was in need of a new logo and tagline that would represent the mission of the organization. The desire to develop a new brand that would reflect not only the organization’s forward-thinking mission, but serves as a milestone in their journey to love more, do more and serve more.


DNA worked with the Mobile Meals staff and Board through various workshops to hone in on the brand attributes of the organization to determine the best tagline and logo that would exude the mission of the organization.


The new logo has a more modern look and feel than its predecessor, utilizing more progressive font styles and unique graphic elements that lend themselves to various interpretations. The new tagline, “God’s Love in Action,” supports the name and mission of Mobile Meals and is portrayed through the icon associated with the new logo. The heart, a major component within the logo since the organization’s inception in 1977, continues to indicate the compassion provided by Mobile Meals and connects to the three bands that can either be seen as fork prongs or the movement associated with the word “action” in the tagline. The circular elements can be defined as either a plate indicative of the meal service or a wheel signifying movement and positive change. The logo and tagline were unveiled via press conference at Mobile Meals. Additional materials created included a donor piece, various signage, letterhead package and note cards as well as a general organization brochure.