Project Description

The Institute for Child Success Marketing Campaign


The mission of the Institute for Child Success is to foster and sustain a system that ensures the success of all children. DNA was charged with designing and implementing a branding and awareness campaign for Kids Drive Our Future, an initiative aimed to connect business leaders with the resources they need to have a significant impact in support of investing in children through smart early childhood policy.


To develop a comprehensive communications strategy aimed to reinforce the important message that Kids Drive our Future.


DNA developed and executed a comprehensive marketing campaign to introduce Kids Drive Our Future. DNA’s public relations strategy included pitching and distributing press releases and opinion editorials and building and managing statewide media relations on behalf of the Institute for Child Success. Campaign elements included print ads, radio ads, press releases, opinion editorials, and print and e-communications. DNA also provided event planning and public relations services for the South Carolina Economic Forum on Early Childhood Investment, a statewide event for business leaders and policy makers in South Carolina to discuss how they can ensure a more prosperous future by investing in early childhood development.