Project Description

Clemson in Greenville Website Development Plan


Clemson University’s College of Health, Education, and Human Development (HEHD) offers degree-granting programs in Greenville and online to serve the needs of working adults who want to pursue four-year and graduate level degrees without having to travel or relocate. HEHD helps make Clemson degree and certificate programs accessible to individuals looking to advance their education or change their career from their current locations. Since Clemson in Greenville’s off-campus and online programs are targeted toward students looking for a non-traditional education, HEHD sought to better connect with prospective students and other audiences by enhancing its online web presence. HEHD charged DNA with reconstructing and expanding Clemson in Greenville’s website to create an online resource for its audiences and serve as a channel to not only inform, but engage and communicate with users.


To begin this project, DNA developed a comprehensive website development plan and conducted an audit of Clemson in Greenville’s existing website. As part of the planning process, DNA identified the primary target audience for the website to be prospective students, specifically working adults looking to return to school to advance their degree or make a career change, as well as current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and other members of the general public. Overall, the project aimed to enhance and expand Clemson in Greenville’s website to facilitate connections with these audiences. The specific goals for the project were to: 1) create a strong, independent online presence for Clemson in Greenville separate from but still connected to the University; 2) establish an online resource to inform target audiences about Clemson in Greenville, its programs and ongoing happenings; and 3) develop a digital channel to connect with and engage its various audiences.


Based on the goals outlined for this project, DNA reconstructed and expanded Clemson in Greenville’s website with: a new site design, updated navigation, social media integration, linked resources, interactive tools and widgets, new domain name and redirects, enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), and more than 20 new pages of fresh content within the site, including an interactive digital portfolio, a news blog tool, student and alumni stories and testimonials, and other relevant information about Clemson in Greenville.

To visually enhance the website, DNA developed a new site design, layout and other graphic elements incorporating the University’s overall brand standards while strengthening the individual identity of Clemson in Greenville. DNA updated the navigation and menus to improve the site’s usability. Links to important external resources and contacts were added to the menu as well as embedded in pages to connect users to vital information. A variety of new interactive elements were added throughout the site, including social media feeds and dashboard, clickable home page slider, pop up contact forms, and widgets where users can map the location, apply to programs, read recent news stories, and more. One of the major site components DNA developed was a portfolio collection housing individual pages showcasing degree and certificate programs offered by Clemson in Greenville. Each page featured program details and testimonials along with interactive brochures users can flip through or download. Other new site pages included a news blog tool, stats and facts lists, and pages with accreditation, admissions, tuition and fees, and contact information. Finally, to increase website traffic and help more users find Clemson in Greenville online, DNA tailored the site’s SEO through customizing individual page elements as well as securing a new domain name.

When combined, these individual elements comprised a new resource and digital communications channel that strengthened Clemson in Greenville’s independent online presence and allowed HEHD to better connect with target audiences. Enhanced design and usability, expanded content and resources, and a variety of new interactive tools made the website more user-friendly and informative while also encouraging engagement from users. This new website offers Clemson in Greenville opportunities to not only inform, but engage and communicate with prospective and current students, faculty and staff, alumni, and others with the ultimate ability to raise awareness about its programs and expand enrollment.