Project Description

Be Freshwater Friendly Public Service Campaign


High levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus can cause the degradation of water bodies and harm fish and wildlife, and can also have a harmful impact on the local population. Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) took a proactive approach to raise awareness locally about Nitrogen and Phosphorus pollution in order to protect our environment and to stay ahead of meeting nutrient removal standards. ReWa charged DNA with developing a public education campaign to raise awareness, to educate our community and to encourage behavioral changes in the community in an engaging way. DNA crafted an integrated approach with the creation of Be Freshwater Friendly and its six initiatives: Poop Etiquette, Yard Savvy, Label Wise, Septic Smarts, Curb Control and Pipe Patrol.


The main goals for the creation of the Be Freshwater Friendly campaign were to establish recognizable brand standards, to have a strong presence at local community events and to utilize a variety of media to reach ReWa’s target audience.


In identifying the elements of the campaign, DNA focused on cost-effective approaches to reach ReWa’s broad audience. Some of these elements include, but were not limited to social media engagement; print, TV, outdoor and movie theater advertising, public service announcements; integrated web strategy; educational brochures; and promotional tools, such as grease collection cans, rain gauges and pet waste disposable bags.
The success of the Be Freshwater Friendly campaign is measured in awareness and the amount of face-to-face interaction and touches the campaign has had with the local community. Annually, Be Freshwater Friendly has a presence at over 50 community events and runs over 200 ads with an estimated reach of over 400,000. Since its launch in February 2012, the Be Freshwater Friendly website has had over 7,900 page views, 15.6% of which were generated by returning visitors and 84.4% by new visitors. Be Freshwater Friendly’s Facebook page was created in February 2012 and generates an average of 45 page likes each month. Be Freshwater Friendly’s Facebook posts reach an average of 2,778 impressions daily and 19,650 impressions weekly. On average, 385 people engage with Be Freshwater Friendly’s Facebook page each month by liking, commenting, or sharing posts through their personal pages.

Be Freshwater Friendly has also been very successful in reaching diverse audiences in terms of age, race, gender, income, and educational level and ReWa consistently receives great feedback from the community about this educational campaign.