Project Description

Bone-nanza Awareness Special Event


Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) partnered with DNA to plan, develop and execute a dog park event aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of fecal pollution and to promote ReWa’s public education campaign, Be Freshwater Friendly. DNA researched all dog events in South Carolina and several dog park events around the US. By determining what events were already available in the area, DNA was able to make sure that ReWa’s event offered something unique to the community. At the same time, researching national dog park events allowed DNA to identify best practices, set expectations and define the target audience. In addition, DNA created a database of all pet organizations, stores and groomers in Greenville County, South Carolina. DNA later approached many of these organizations and secured sponsors and partners for the event.


DNA developed a comprehensive plan and defined the scope of the project to include advertising and media plan, social media strategy, design of all event ads, posters and flyers, public relations efforts, event day management and post-event evaluation. As part of the planning process, DNA identified the primary target audience to be all dog owners in the Upstate of South Carolina. The main goals for the event were to raise awareness about the dangers of fecal pollution and to promote ReWa’s public education campaign, Be Freshwater Friendly.


DNA created the name for the event, Bone-nanza at Pelham Mill Dog Park (Bone-nanza), and designed a logo and a color palette to be used on all promotional materials and ads. Bone-nanza took place on Saturday, September 14, 2013. More than 400 dogs and their owners attended the event which took place at a local dog park.

DNA allocated 40% of the project budget to advertising and media cost to include print ads, online ads, radio commercials and Facebook promoted posts. DNA also utilized grassroots advertising and personally delivered event posters and flyers to numerous pet organizations, stores, veterinary hospitals and groomers. DNA also created a comprehensive social media strategy that was key to promoting the event and inviting dog owners to attend.

Bone-nanza was a huge success and met all of the objectives that were established for the event. The main methods of evaluation that were used included the number of attendees, the number of dogs that entered the “Casting Paw” contest, media mentions and social media engagement. The number of attendees (more than 400) exceeded the projected numbers and ReWa’s expectations by 100%. The number of dogs that entered the “Casting Paw” contest (more than 70) greatly exceeded DNA and ReWa’s expectations. DNA’s public relations tactics resulted in over 24 media mentions in local print newspapers, online publications, radio and TV stations, including a TV and a radio interview with ReWa’s customer service and public relations manager. Social media engagement for Bone-nanza totaled at 1,835 photo likes, 264 photo shares, 168 comments and 139 post likes.