DNA Offers Many Training Opportunities for Nonprofit Leaders, Boards and Staff Teams

Media Relations

A nonprofit’s reputation is constantly at stake and as much as we don’t like to think about it, it is imperative that we plan for that potential media crisis that we hope will never come. Our experienced DNA staff members can work with your team to help you leverage relationships with the news media to benefit your organization – something that is critical during a crisis. We can also train your team to proactively build strategic media relationships that will result in your organization being continuously positioned well before your target audiences. We can assist you in crafting key messages that deal with difficult issues so that you are prepared to respond with confidence when the media calls.

Facilitation of Nonprofit Board Retreats

With a strong record of experience in working with nonprofit boards, DNA’s team is well prepared to assist organizations with the vital task of board development. From helping to strengthen your governance and committee structure to evaluating your agency’s mission and vision or motivating your board members to actively engage in the valuable work of your nonprofit, DNA’s thorough and results-oriented approach is certain to benefit your organization. We customize our process after we’ve heard directly from you what your needs are and assisted in strategically setting goals for your retreat. We also structure our training as appropriate for your group’s leadership – an intensive full-day workshop, a retreat or half-day sessions. Examples of some of the types of working sessions we can facilitate for your board include:

Board Development/Composition

DNA will lead your stakeholders in the development of a strategy for successfully growing your board and attracting the most valuable and appropriate community leaders to address the organization’s needs and focus. (i.e. Who do we need and how do we get them?) Utilizing carefully crafted tools, we will guide your stakeholders through an assessment process that will result in the identification of the skill sets and resources you need represented on your board. DNA will provide you with a clear plan for moving forward with exactly the right board members that will ensure your nonprofit is successful in achieving its mission.

Mission Development, Visioning and Goal Setting

DNA will provide professional facilitation of a half-day retreat to be attended by key stakeholders, members of the Board of Directors and staff members of your organization. DNA staff members will work with you to plan a successful working session that will accomplish these objectives:

  • Creation of a Strong Vision Statement – DNA will guide retreat participants in crafting an inspiring statement that clarifies the beliefs and governing principles of your organization – first for stakeholders and then for the community you serve.
  • Mission Development – DNA staff members will lead your stakeholders in developing a mission statement for your organization that articulates your vision in practical terms (i.e. What you are going to do and why). The mission statement, which should be concise, inclusive and focused on outcomes, will be more concrete and action-oriented than the organization’s vision. Both of these elements will be crucial to the success of your nonprofit.
  • Establishment of Strategic Goals – In order to achieve long term results, it is critical to establish more immediate goals that will lead to the desired outcomes. DNA will assist your leadership team in strategically defining goals that will help to make your vision and mission a reality.
    DNA will provide a summary of key findings that result from the retreat. This valuable document will aid your organization in taking the information gained and decisions made during the retreat and utilizing them to move forward with a clear direction, focus and quantifiable objectives.
    Shine the Light on Your Nonprofit Forums.

Shine the Light Nonprofit Forums

is an annual series of educational workshops presented by DNA. These comprehensive seminars in nonprofit management include fundraising help, strategic planning, branding exercises and leadership development. Each session is designed exclusively for nonprofit professionals, executive directors and board members to provide insight and training in operating a healthy nonprofit organization. Since its launch in 2010, more than 1,000 participants and 350 nonprofit organizations have attended a Shine the Light Nonprofit Forum event.
The 2014 Shine the Light series has already kicked off and will continue with sessions focusing on high-performing board leadership (July 16), collaborative leadership (Sept. 9) and leading for sustainability (Nov. 19). Each session will include a nationally known keynote speaker and a panel of local leaders. For more information please visit our website.