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At DNA, our commitment is to help college students and recent graduates become of public relations professionals through PR internships. Our interns spend a semester working closely with our staff. We believe in paying our success forward. Our goal to help them them apply their classroom lessons into working projects. When they leave, it’s with a good understanding of what a career in public relations and communications entails. They can also detail credible work experience on their resumes.

Located in Downtown Greenville, SC

Applying for an internships in public relations is easy.  We accept applications year-round. Please prepare a resume, writing samples and a cover letter. Remember to note the timeframe or semester you would be available to intern with us. Include your class schedule if appropriate. Email us your materials and feel free to follow-up with a phonecall.

Stories from Recent Interns

More than 30 students have interned with us for a summer, academic semester or full-year. Many of these individuals have gone on to successful careers in public relations, communications and marketing. We are proud to introduce you to some of them.

Amy Bulger of New Providence, NJ, interned at DNA while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Clemson University. She came to DNA with additional experience as the Corporate Marketing Intern at C.R. Bard Inc. in New Jersey. She is a member of Clemson University Marketing Association, as well as Delta Zeta Sorority, where she currently serves as the Public Relations Chair.
The experiences I gained while interning at DNA allowed me to greatly expand on my classroom education and learn more than I ever expected. Beginning with writing press releases, assisting on client accounts and performing administrative tasks, Debbie allowed me to take on more responsibility as I grew professionally. Giving me opportunities to meet with clients and develop creative campaigns from start to finish, everyone at DNA was truly invested with providing as much hands-on experience as possible.
Whitney Hanna, NAI Earle Furman
I was lucky enough to spend a year with Debbie Nelson and Associates while I was also interning at the Warehouse Theatre. Having been an arts major in college, I really value working with Debbie and Dana, because it helped me to develop skills in business and interpersonal communication. Since there’s no such thing as job security in the theatre world, actors are constantly meeting new directors and trying to put their best foot forward. I have found a new level of confidence in interviewing with companies, taking on additional responsibilities, and interacting with patrons and producers alike. No matter what your college major, the internship program at DNA is an incredible way to learn new skills and take on new responsibilities.
Jackie Wyer
Interning at DNA gave me valuable first-hand experience that I could have never received in the classroom. From writing press releases to attending client meetings, I learned a lot about communications and was challenged to think creatively. The friendly atmosphere at DNA made my internship experience even more enjoyable and beneficial.
Lauren Knight, B2B Media
DNA was a wonderful place to gain experience in the public relations field while working in an fun, energetic environment. I was able to incorporate my writing skills into public relations tactics for both print and online media while gaining insight to how a full-service communication agency works. My involvement with the team included hands-on training in website development and copyediting that I will take with me as my professional life continues next year.
Madison Moore, YBM ECC Schools
Jonathan Riddle, a Charleston native, interned at DNA while at Clemson University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. He participated in the Clemson University Marketing Association and Clemson University’s men acapella group Tigeroar. Jonathan applied for the internship to experience the variety of marketing and communications specialties that DNA works in to help discover his future career ambitions.
Johnathan Riddle, J A King
My internship at Debbie Nelson’s office was the most valuable educational experience I had all throughout college. It gave me the opportunity to exercise abilities I already had as well as develop new communication skills in areas which I had never worked. I was able to build my professional confidence while applying classroom knowledge in a real world setting.
Aly Knight
My internship at DNA was a great experience. I was able to further my communication skills by speaking directly with various clients and newspaper contacts. I also learned how important it is in the marketing business to stay organized and focused.
Kimberky Perry
My internship at DNA was one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences during my college career. Working at a full-time public relations firm gave me the chance to move beyond textbook knowledge and see how practically one goes about branding a client, organizing a campaign, creating advertisements, utilizing the media, and writing press releases.
The semester long internship was a great opportunity and experience to see the inner workings of a local PR firm. Not only were the employees insightful and always willing to help me, but the tasks changed every time I was in the office. I was given freedom and flexibility throughout my work which allowed me to advance in leadership and creativity.
Brittany Wister, One Kings Lane
Working at DNA was my first internship. They understood I was coming into the situation with no work experience and they provided me the opportunity to grow and learn. This internship gave me the hand-on experience that I needed to fully understand the inner-workings of a successful PR agency.
Kristy Hill
My view of advertising, marketing and public relations was expanded by the time I spent at DNA. With DNA being a small business, I was able to easily understand how advertising, marketing, and public relations is distributed among a group of employees and how each person’s task is related to forming the service of a customer.
Shaquan Kearse, PwC
As soon as I stepped into the welcoming entrance of DNA I knew my experience would be unique and hands on. Presented before me was the opportunity to watch as well as grow, to not only listen but to contribute. I was encouraged to engage in projects that expanded my knowledge and received a great introduction to the world of Public Relations. After my experience, I walked away with a deeper understand of marketing and a strong reassurance that advertising is the right career path for me.
Sigourney Woodfork, Spark Strategic Ideas
At DNA, I gained so much real-life experience that I could never have gotten in class. It was a key part in sparking my interest in Public Relations. All that I learned at DNA is really going to be invaluable in jump-starting a second internship.
Rachel Holman
My internship at DNA provided me with incredibly valuable professional experience and a broad perspective on the advertising and PR industry. The close-knit team made for a collaborative office atmosphere and a sense of teamwork that is rare in most other internship programs. When I go on interviews, I always find myself drawing the majority of my examples from my experience at DNA.
Tara Gasparovic, Blue Corona
DNA provided a great opportunity for me to gain valuable work experience directly after college. From attending client meetings to assisting with accounts, the DNA team helped me learn every step of the way and the knowledge gained will be with me for years to come.
Bryant Lambert
My intern experience with DNA was the most beneficial work experience I had prior to graduating from Clemson University. It provided me with the opportunity to design advertising copy, proof materials before press runs and develop new ideas for clients. I use these skills daily in my current position as the marketing supervisor for Quail Run Country Club in Santa Fe, NM.
Caroline Elkins
Working at DNA for my internship was a great experience for me. They were really hands on and I felt like I learned a lot while working with graphics and public relations. I think this is a good place to intern because they are smaller and I felt like being in a smaller environment, you can do more things and really get to know everyone.
London Whitson
The DNA internship provided me with an opportunity that was broad in terms of the exposure but focused enough that I had my own specialized projects and goals. Because of the “hands-on” nature of this internship, I had the privilege of learning in a way that wouldn’t have been possible at larger firms. At the same time, my opinion was always valued, and I felt like an integral member of the office for my entire experience.
Chris Nelson, Loukin Company
My internship at DNA was an incredible experience. I grew tremendously, both professionally and personally. It gave me the opportunity to apply, in the real world, everything that I have studied in my textbooks and in the classrooms of Clemson University.
Interning at DNA gave me the opportunity to hone my skills and gain the confidence needed to excel in the world of public relations. Everything I learned at DNA will carry with me to Charlotte.
Elissa Visotski, Pinckney Marketing