Where is the first place people go to learn about your organization? Here is a hint: it’s not the yellow pages, at least not the paper ones. In this digital age, you can expect that someone interested in your organization will first and foremost go to your website. This is why it is crucial that your website is up-to-date with the latest and greatest details about your organization. Upon entering your site, visitors should know and understand the purpose of your organization, who benefits from your services, what your organization’s mission is, where your organization is located and if you are a nonprofit, how they can help through donations or as a volunteer. Not only is your organization’s website important for sharing information, it should also be the hub for all of your online communication efforts. From social media, to blogs, and e-communications, your website can be full of engaging features that will motivate and activate your audience.

As the world becomes more viral, it is vital that organizations have a strong online presence. It is essential that you keep all of your online efforts consistent with your brand and messaging so there is no question in a visitors’ mind that they are on your site. Think of each tool as an integral part of all of your communications efforts. Without all of the other traffic driving components, your website may be missing out on a greater purpose.

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