Donate online, in an indirect way.

Your time on the Internet can translate into donations toward your favorite charities! Websites like GoodSearch are dedicated to empowering people to ‘change the world with simple everyday actions’; in this case, simply by searching the internet.

How do they do it? By designating that 50% of the site’s sponsored search revenue goes directly back to the nonprofit community.

The Inside StoryXmas7

It’s estimated that over $8 billion is generated annually by search engine advertisers. Realizing the impact just a fraction of those revenues could make if donated to nonprofit organizations, GoodSearch officially launched in 2005.

As of 12/13/12, the total member earnings for all Goodsearch causes was $9,427,941

How Does it Work?

  1. Once you visit the GoodSearch homepage, choose your charity from thousands of organizations or add your favorite cause to their list.
  2. Start using GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. (And not to worry, because it’s powered by Yahoo! you’re guaranteed proven, high quality search results.)
  3. Because the money GoodSearch donates to nonprofits comes directly from its advertisers, users and benefiting organizations don’t spend a dime.
  4. What are you waiting for? Make GoodSearch your homepage and search engine of choice.

Online Shopping

Finishing up your holiday shopping, or perhaps just starting? Certain online retailers will donate a portion of sales from your online purchases to the charity of your choice. Here are a few:

OneCause – OneCause is a one-stop online charity shop. The site has helped over 10,000 causes and 65,000 schools earn much-needed funds by way of merchants’ contributions. Featured merchants include Amazon, ebay, L.L. Bean and more. Shoppers can choose to donate up to 20% from every purchase they make, to the charity of their choosing–at no extra cost!

GoodShop – Includes stores like Amazon, Apple and Nordstrom. Shop this site and donate an average 3% of your total sale–and up to 20%–to your charity of choice.

Moral of the Story: From now on, whether you’re surfing the Internet or perusing your favorite online store, turn your minutes online into donations for greater good.

Community is at the heart of what we do at DNA, and it always has been. To ring in this season of giving and to celebrate the organizations that continue to shape our great community, we will unveil a new way to give back every day that doesn’t necessarily involve cash. You may already give back in one or more of the ways that we list; if you do, pat yourself on the back. If not, maybe today is the day. Our hope is that you’ll never underestimate how much of a lasting and positive impact you can make…Not only for a cause, but for yourself as well.



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