Start a new habit to protect our local environment

Your small everyday changes can have a great impact. During the holidays, households have a tendency to use more water and energy, as well as produce more waste. Evidenced by ornate Christmas lights and decorations, holiday meals, wrapped presents and warm homes, many of us celebrate to the fullest degree. This season, consider making small, everyday changes to help protect our local environment at the same time.Xmas6

Below are a few simple ways to help conserve our natural resources and reduce waste during the holidays. Share them with your friends and family, and encourage them to give back by going green with you this season.

Start a new, environmentally friendly holiday tradition

Have a happy FOG-liday

Make sure you properly dispose of the fats, oils and grease (FOG) byproducts from your holiday (and everyday) cooking. Never pour FOG down the drain; instead, pour it into a disposable container. When the container is full, throw it in the trash!

Fact: When FOG is disposed of into our drains, it can cause raw sewage system overflow, pollute our local waterways and groundwater, and harm fish and wildlife habitats. Interested in learning more? Check out, courtesy of the ‘Be Freshwater Friendly’ campaign.

Be an energy efficient Clark Griswold

Need new Christmas lights? Make sure you choose lights with LED bulbs—these use less electricity AND will help you save dollars on your December power bill.

Participate in Grinding of the Greens. (Recycle Your Tree)

When the holidays come to a close, don’t forget to recycle your Christmas trees and wreaths! The City of Greenville makes this especially easy. Just place your tree at your curb for collection on your regular pick-up day. Or, you can drop it off at a number of locations through the end of January. Just check out their website for more information.

Note: Make sure you remove all lights, tinsel, etc!

What other ways do you stay environmentally conscious during the holidays (and beyond)?

Share your comments.

Community is at the heart of what we do at DNA, and it always has been. To ring in this season of giving and to celebrate the organizations that continue to shape our great community, we will unveil a new way to give back every day that doesn’t necessarily involve cash.

You may already give back in one or more of the ways that we list; if you do, pat yourself on the back. If not, maybe today is the day. Our hope is that you’ll never underestimate how much of a lasting and positive impact you can make…Not only for a cause, but for yourself as well.



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