Start (or join!) a Community Garden.

As suggested by its name, a community garden is a piece of land gardened by a group of people. Moreover, regardless of its size or location, every community garden has one common goal: to produce food, flowers and/or herbs for nearby friends, families and neighbors that need them most. The benefits of the community garden model range far and wide. Not only do these gardens stimulate social interaction, improve the health of ecosystems (and individuals), reduce family food budgets, and produce nutritious food…They are an ideal way for you to give back to our community, starting at its roots!

We’re fortunate to have a local community garden network right here in the Upstate — Gardening for Good.

Individually led but fully united in their missions, member gardens are dedicated to driving the community concept forward by coordinating neighborhood redevelopment efforts, improving healthy living choices, and transforming Greenville through gardening. Currently, Gardening for Good is made up of 70 community gardens, each of which is maintained by faithful members, neighbors and volunteers. Whether it’s planting, watering, spreading soil or harvesting produce, there is always a need for more individuals to assist in a community garden’s efforts.Interested in learning more? Help Greenville keep our community garden movement ‘growing’ and get involved with one close to you, today.

Community is at the heart of what we do at DNA, and it always has been. To ring in this season of giving and to celebrate the organizations that continue to shape our great community, we will unveil a new way to give back every day that doesn’t necessarily involve cash.

You may already give back in one or more of the ways that we list; if you do, pat yourself on the back. If not, maybe today is the day. Our hope is that you’ll never underestimate how much of a lasting and positive impact you can make…Not only for a cause, but for yourself as well.



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