As we ring in the holiday season, we also enter into the time of year where philanthropic giving traditionally reaches its highest levels. According to The Center on Philanthropy, the average person makes 24% of their annual charitable donations between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Average donation amounts also tend to be higher per person during the holidays. We live in a world full of philanthropic spirit!

At the same time, in this particular day and age sometimes making a monetary donation to charity isn’t always an easy task. But that doesn’t mean the spirit of giving isn’t on our minds or in our hearts.

While a financial donation is undoubtedly an essential form of giving when it comes to supporting the everyday, sustainable efforts of an organization, there are also a number of other ways to give back that can be just as powerful.

For instance, take our annual Live Here Give Here program here at DNA. Through it, we partner with an Upstate nonprofit and donate our time, talents and services to enhance their communications strategies—allowing them to further their impact within our community each and every day. No money is involved, but an incredible and measurable difference is always made.

Community is at the heart of what we do at DNA, and it always has been. To ring in this season of giving and to celebrate the organizations that continue to shape our great community, we will unveil a new way to give back every day that doesn’t necessarily involve cash.

You may already give back in one or more of the ways that we list; if you do, pat yourself on the back. If not, maybe today is the day. Our hope is that you’ll never underestimate how much of a lasting and positive impact you can make…not only for a cause, but for yourself as well.

Donate what you can’t (or don’t) use.

The canned goods and coats getting dusty in your pantry or closet can translate into hot meals and warm nights for people in need. Here in the Upstate, there are a number of organizations dedicated to serving the less fortunate. Many successfully do so with the help of donated items. To name just a few…


Food Donations:Harvest Hope Food Bank | God’s Pantry | Loaves & Fishes
Clothes/Item Donations:Pendleton Place for Children & FamiliesMiracle Hill Ministries | Safe Harbor

Need helping seeing for yourself what you don’t need? Ask yourself these questions when looking inside your closet. And remember, just because the answer is “no” for you, doesn’t mean it won’t be a resounding “YES” for someone in need:

  • Does this fit me? (Life is too short for ill-fitting clothing!)
  • Have I worn this in the past month/year/decade?
  • If I woke up tomorrow and this item was gone, never to return, would I be upset? (Or, would I even notice?)

Know of other Upstate organizations that could benefit from donations of food, clothes, furniture, etc.? Please feel free to leave a comment below with their name and contact information. ‘Tis the season!



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