If you’re one of those (like us), who uses the New Year as a time to reflect on the past and on changes that can help make this year “the best yet,” read on. From us to you, DNA offers our short list of social media resolutions for organizations. Dive in, ponder, and maybe have a little fun figuring where your organization’s brand is now, and where social media might take you in 2012!

1. Evaluate your current efforts.

Are you using your Facebook page effectively? If you haven’t already, check out the Facebook Page Insights, and use them to improve your social media strategy for 2012. Following and analyzing trends through your personalized Insights Dashboard will let you pinpoint the content your users like, what topics you can address for real recognition, and how to get the most out of your efforts. Need a boost? Check out this past, easy-to-read blog we wrote on understanding Insights.

Are you using Google to its full capability? Google offers incredible, free services that can help grow your brand’s presence online and strengthen your website’s effectiveness. GoogleAnalytics lets you analyze your website traffic data in an entirely new way; GoogleAlerts help you follow when and where your organization appears online. All you do is designate key words for your organization to track! Google+ brand pages connect customers and fans who love your organization, enhancing SEO at the same time. We’re talking FREE TOOLS here! Resolve to take advantage of them by learning and using!

2. Create a “what-to-post-and-when” calendar.

Ever spent days surfing the internet to find something to post on your organization’s Facebook Wall? Or used up hours researching interesting content to share or learn from, but lost focus with every click? Make a schedule instead. Designate Mondays to include a helpful link in the morning and a poll question in the afternoon. Do an organizational spotlight on Tuesday and follow up with an interesting fact related to your organization’s cause.
                Key: Remember that it’s not the number of posts that matter—it’s the value they offer to your audience. Make them count!

3. Be (and stay!) social-media savvy.

Social media changes every second of every day—don’t be overwhelmed! Filter your content through keyword searches and set your homepage to a social media site that makes it quick and easy to stay up to date. Some of our favorite sites are: Mashable, Social Media Today, and Social Media Examiner. Not only are they ideal for browsing headlines fast and efficiently, but you’ll get the latest and greatest social media news to keep you informed and on top of your organization’s own social media strategy.

It’s going to be a great year. Enjoy!