“Pin” Your Non-Profit to the Top

In today’s digital world there are multiple platforms to share your non-profit’s information with followers, sponsors and donors. Finding the most creative way to distribute content is often key to success. Most non-profits are on Facebook and Twitter to update followers through posts, images and video. But has your non-profit ever considered joining Pinterest?

In general, Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share images, videos and links to different categories of their choice. The name Pinterest comes from “pinning” these artifacts and clips to boards of different interests. Popular interests are recipes, health, clothing, weddings and babies. According to CMS Wire, the average age of Pinterest users is 25-49 and women are five times as likely as men to use Pinterest.

Pinterest is a great tool to share not only facts and updates about your non-profit, but also values and missions. If your non-profit stands for uniting as a community, there are many of boards you can create to display that action. If your non-profit works for education and children, you can start boards around youth development, educational programs, tutoring and more. Any way to reflect what you represent is an additional way to broaden your public relations platform. Take a look at our Pinterest board Practice Random Kindness to see how we share our thoughts on giving back, sharing and practicing selfless acts each day http://pinterest.com/dnacreative/practice-random-kindness/.

Non-profits can benefit from using Pinterest by targeting a wider range of audiences than on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. Pinterest works effectively by sharing information to all different demographics and concentrations rather than just to those who choose to follow your non-profit on social media for interest and influence.

Pinterest can generate a lot of traffic to your non-profit’s website because pins link back to their original source. You can also add different URLs to each pin, directing traffic specifically to your donation page or registration account.

Ways to utilize your non-profit on Pinterest:

Create boards similar to the popular Pinterest boards that relate to your mission.

Statistics prove that food, babies, exercises, weddings and shopping are the top interests and boards on Pinterest. Even if your non-profit doesn’t revolve around weddings or babies, create a board reflecting Staff Picks or Feel-Good Images to show the personal side to your non-profit.

An example of using a Food and Recipe board would be if your non-profit deals with medical issues to pinning healthy foods and promote healthy eating. If your non-profit focuses on other areas of the world, pin recipes specific to that region. The more relatable the pins are to the general users the more traffic you will generate.

Follow Pinterest users with similar interest and quality information.

Following other non-profits and people with your focus of work and in your geographical area can increase traffic tremendously. Their pins may be relevant to your cause or specific project at the time and vice versa. When others repin your information, the link you encrypted will remain in the pin, generating traffic to your original website with every click. See how Whole Foods Market used a pin to generate traffic and awareness on Pinterest through repins:  http://pinterest.com/dnacreative/practice-random-kindness/.

Use the pin comments section to engage with users and followers who have commented.

Conversations with other Pinterest users allow you to answer any questions and have a chance to explain why you pinned something and how your non-profit works. Engaging users expect the return of conversation, so keeping up with comments is the best form of marketing and developing relationships on Pinterest.

There’s more than your cause.

You will turn people away if you constantly push your cause. Instead, pin images that capture the lifestyle and essence of your organization while building a community of potential donors and volunteers who share the same interests.

There are even large Pinterest boards that you can join in the beginning to get your non-profit noticed and see how others are utilizing this social media tool. Boards such as “Nonprofit Organizations” (http://pinterest.com/nonprofitorgs/) have over 10,000 followers and 1,000 pins to share the messages of non-profits from all around the world. Educating the public and showing them the change your non-profit is making, all on a fun and free social media outlet. That sounds like every non-profit’s dream! Now start “Pinning” your non-profit to the top.