The countless updates to Facebook over the past few weeks might make you weary–until you realize the tremendous potential storehouse of knowledge they are providing. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the new revisions–keep reading to see how beneficial they will be for your nonprofit!

Note: The new Page Insights are initially being launched in “preview” form. If your nonprofit’s Facebook Page hasn’t switched over yet, don’t think the information below isn’t for you—the new updates are coming, so get prepared now!

Let’s Start at the Top
The new updates will offer four metrics at the top of your Insights page. This change is key because it lets you understand at a glance the size and engagement levels of your audience. From there you can assess your current Facebook strategies more effectively. Take a look at this screenshot to get a better idea of the new layout:

1. “Total Likes”

– This isn’t new; it’s still a re-cap of the number of people (fans) who “Like” your page. Aim for more.

2. “Friends of Fans”

– This added feature displays the number of people who are (obviously) friends with your fans. (More than likely, this number is BIG!) Why this feature? Because it brings your Page’s potential to life—think of this as the total number of people you can share your message with! The people that are friends with your fans are most likely to buy into your cause, because they already know someone doing it! Keep this in mind, and use it to your advantage.

3. “People Talking About This” (PTAT, to us!)

– This feature indicates how many people are “talking about” your nonprofit across Facebook. It includes: Wall posts, Likes, mentions, shares, comments, photo tags and check-ins. Why this feature? PTAT is big. It confirms that while “Likes” may be nice to see as a figure, engagement matters more. For instance, while McDonald’s ranks 18th in number of “Likes,” it ranks 2nd in PTAT engagement (“People Talking About”). Wouldn’t you rather have people talking about you and your services versus simply liking your page and moving on? Tip for this month: Work on your level of engagement–put aside your “Like” count, and see what happens!

4. “Weekly Total Reach”

– When more people talk about your nonprofit across Facebook, their friends see it too, and your “reach” grows geometrically. Why this feature? It shows the number of people who have been exposed to any sort of content associated with your Page in the last seven days (this includes any Ads or sponsored stories, too!) Work to grow your reach every week, and watch what happens.

Note: Two metrics, “Total Likes” and “People Talking About This” are visible to anyone who visits your Page. The good news is that someone who sees a popular, engaged page will be more apt to jump in and learn more. This means that you really need to work toward becoming a popular, engaged Page, now. Don’t miss the opportunity to spread the net of people who believe in your cause. The same opportunity has always been there, but Facebook’s new Insights now let you count them.

How it all ties together…
When you post engaging content on your Facebook (think polls, questions, interesting facts and stories), more people “talk” about you through their shares and comments. When more people talk about you, their friends observe it on their own newsfeed. As the friends of your fans see your nonprofit’s name and message on Facebook, your overall reach expands. (Think of it like the domino effect!)

Bottom Line…Stay accountable for your audience and fan engagement; work hard and keep your nonprofit’s name at the fingertips of your fans each and every day! You never know who will come across your great cause and become your next, biggest fan.