It is no surprise to anyone in Greenville that spring has spring early this year. I hope you have taken some time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of this incredible time of year. And if you are like me, while celebrating the season you may have also been rubbing your eyes and sneezing.

Despite my allergies, I did not have a second thought about spending this past weekend outdoors on the Swamp Rabbit. My husband and I hopped to the Trail for a run on Saturday and a bike ride on Sunday. And we were not alone…there were walkers and runners of all ages, rollerbladers, skilled cyclists and young bicyclists with training wheels. The Trail is a friendly place; one where strangers greet each other with a smile. It is a destination offering our entire community a way to enjoy the great outdoors and get ACTIVE.

Recently, a new friend asked me what I like to do for fun. I immediately responded, “We head to the Trail.” Over the past few years, we have clocked many miles walking, running and cycling between TR and Greenville. It is even a favorite outing for our dog, Lucy (always practicing poop etiquette). So I want to take a moment to thank Greenville County, the Greenville Hospital System, Greenville Rec and the city of Greenville for having the foresight to invest in the long-term health of our community…and to provide a special place which is good for both the body and the soul.

See you on the Trail.

Debbie Nelson