It’s no secret that social media has emerged as one of the primary marketing tools for companies and organizations. It provides an interactive experience between marketers and consumers, as well as exposure that, with the proper implementation, can be endless. One of the most attractive qualities about social media is its ability to span across all demographics. But what happens when you don’t want to share your product, service, or mission with just anyone? Maybe you’re selling a product that is only geared towards college students. Maybe you’re promoting an event in a specific city or community. Maybe you want to share certain news with your donors, and other news with your volunteers. Whatever your specific target audience may be, Facebook makes it simple to filter your ads and posts for maximized reach in the ideal arenas.

f you want to share a wall post, article, or photo with a specific demographic,click on the privacy button labeled “Everyone” with the downward facing arrow. From there, customize your sharing by choosing a country, state, city, or language. You can also send a targeted message by clicking the “Target This Update” box and filtering your target audience by age, gender, or geographic region.

Facebook Ads are another effective way to use targeting through social media to your advantage. After you develop an ad for your page, event, or website you can generate visibility among the specific demographic groups you are targeting. While wall post and message targeting are limited to geographic location, age, and gender, Facebook Ads provide you with incredible specificity and customization. You can target by education, work, birthday, relationship status, likes, interests, friends of connections, and your direct connections. Once you have selected your targeting criteria, you can view the ad’s estimated reach. After comparing that number to your initial goal, readjust your targeting strategy until you have found the reach that is most suitable for your ad.

Using these simple targeting strategies can make or break your campaign. Don’t waste time and resources sharing information or promoting your business to irrelevant audiences. Share it with people who are going to listen. The more relevant they find your ad or post to be, the more likely they will be to share it with others. It only takes one relevant connection to make the reactive phenomenon of social media take off. See how far your targeted message can reach!