Knowing the basic materials and components to include in your nonprofit’s media press kit can help your organization put its best face forward when it comes to the public relations arena.

The first and most important element is to have your background information and supporting materials organized, updated and ready to send, print, or release whenever necessary. You never know when the perfect media story will surface for your nonprofit!

Not sure what to include and what to leave out? Here are some ideas:

Background Information

Essentially, this introduces who you are and what you do (i.e. your mission, vision, and purpose). Your nonprofit’s history, staff, and contact information should all be included. Talk about what you do, and how you achieve it (check out our process page for inspiration). Be sure to make it clear, concise, and relevant.

Opening Letter

What exactly is this press kit trying to achieve? Draft a letter that explains what you are after as a sort of introduction to your materials. This is your opportunity to be personal, so feel free to talk about the upcoming year or past successes. Including a content list is very helpful, as it will allow your audience to figure out the materials you are sending so they have an idea of what they are looking at.

Recent Articles | Media Clippings

Include any recent clippings or stories that focus on your nonprofit or the topic you are trying to present. This will give them a good idea of your organization’s assets and strengths, as well as a grasp on what other media sources have covered relevant to your nonprofit.

Press Releases

Just like the media clippings, include any relevant press releases you have recently released about your nonprofit. Including them will give the media a clear idea of current events and happenings relevant to your organization, and can provide further inspiration for further coverage.

Brochures | Mailings | Etc

Including these materials, especially in a general press kit, will provide insight and show off your nonprofit’s skills and work. (Not to mention, you could even attract new supporters along the way!)


Include a CD or attachments with your logo in addition to relevant photos and videos. If your background included information included information on leadership roles, include headshots of these individuals for use as well. Make sure to properly name and describe each file.

Interview Contacts

Providing possible interviewees who can provide references, testimonials, or personal stories can help boost your chances of getting a spotlight in the media. The media thrives on human-interest stories; by doing the work for them and providing great resources and interviews will increase your chances of positive press. Just make sure to get permission before you send along any individual’s contact information.

Don’t forget! Always provide your contact information; including your business card never hurts. Once you send out your press kit, make a personal phone call or send a follow-up email to express your sincerity for their time.