From mom-and-pop shops to fortune 500 companies, almost every organization has a Facebook page . . . and rightfully so. Social Media is an outlet to engage consumers, foster brand loyalty, and drive sales. A recent study shows that 1 facebook fan translates to 20 additional visits to the company’s website. It is no surprise that there are many monetary benefits to being active on Facebook, but now we must turn our attention to more relevant questions. Who should these companies interact with and what do they want out of social media? Which consumers are the most inclined to connect with brands on Facebook? The answers may surprise you.

While preteens and high school students have often been dubbed “the Facebook generation,” a different demographic has proven to be an exceptionally active audience: Moms. A recent study surveyed Mothers with children under the age of 18 and found surprising and significant statistics that should not be ignored. The survey concluded that not only do Moms embrace marketing on Facebook, they actually want to be part of the conversation. This is good news for Facebook marketers because most moms seem to need little to no prompting in order to take action. When asked the most common reasoning for “liking” brands, 31% of Moms said that they actively seek out companies they wanted to “like”, 11% said they “liked” a brand after seeing that their friends had “liked” them, and 23% said they “liked” them after visiting a company website or reading an article about the company.

It is fairly simple to rack up Facebook “likes” from Mothers; the challenge is meeting their expectations. They do not want to be pitched to. Instead, they want genuine, personalized interaction that is relevant to their needs. The majority of Moms expect brands to engage with them via social media by answering questions, providing customer service and personalizing content and promotions. Create a relationship with one Mom and she will share with others. 74 % of mothers have posted about a brand on Facebook; 33% said they posted to share a promotion or coupon and 63% said they had a great experience with a product and wanted to share it with facebook friends.

The findings of this survey are clear: Moms are a branding opportunity that should not be overlooked. So what should you do to capitalize on these findings? Give Mom something to talk about! Post videos, articles, and make it easier for her to share with friends. Brands should not be afraid to reach out to moms either. As long as the content and dialogue are relevant and transparent, moms will react positively.