Once you have a well-developed, consistent, accurate representation of your organization, what do you do with it? There are many outlets for your brand display. Use it consistently across all mediums—websites, promotional materials, signage, ads, social media. Still, an often forgotten but effective form of brand exposure is word-of-mouth, and who better to spread the good nature of your organization than through your brand ambassadors?

Arm Your Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors emerge from all corners of a nonprofit organization. From staff and executive directors to volunteers and board members, everyone contributes to awareness, and your goal is to ensure that it’s positive. It’s incredibly effective to have all of these individuals advocating on your organization’s behalf, but that advocacy means nothing if it’s inconsistent or an incorrect representation of your mission and values. In reality, often it is semi-educated board or volunteers that have the first contact with your audience—especially at events or fundraisers. Arm them with fact sheets or information. They’re part of your team, so use them well.

1. Provide each employee and board member with a comprehensive packet explaining everything your organization stands for—missions, values, and goals.

  • Include your message expectations in this packet. Cover everything from the appropriate use of your logo, the proper tone of voice to speak and write with, words or associations that should be avoided when discussed in close relevance to your nonprofit, and a polished elevator speech.

2. Provide each volunteer or donor with a packet explaining the essentials of your organization as well—from its mission, values and history to an interesting “fact sheet” to expand their knowledge. A copy of your organization’s elevator speech and a few promotional materials are also a nice touch.

Using brand ambassadors can take your organization’s identity to a whole new level. Your nonprofit is changing lives and our community; don’t miss a single opportunity to educate others. Start now to paint a consistent picture of what you stand for; arm your supporters with the tools to succeed, and make your brand trustworthy, sustainable and effective.


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