In the introduction to Robin Hood Marketing, Katya Andresen opens with an experience that changed how she thought about marketing. She saw a nonprofit organization taking a business-minded, results-oriented approach to its cause – as most corporations do – and saw its success.

The book focuses on “approaching social good with a marketing mentality borrowed from the business world.” Andresen believes that nonprofits can effectively market their organization and their cause by taking a business-like approach to marketing, developing a strong and competitive stance.

Andresen gives ten essential Robin Hood rules to follow, with specific instructions on how to use each rule. She encourages specific actions, provides real-world examples and includes interviews with CEOs, a social psychologist, a nonprofit lobbyist and more.

She is very specific with her rules, giving in-depth reasoning, instructions and examples to fully illustrate her points. She hopes that in marketing themselves as businesses do, nonprofits can increase their effectiveness and have more positive change in the world.

About Katya Andresen:

Katya Andresen is Chief Strategy Officer of Network for Good, as well as a speaker, author and blogger about nonprofit marketing, online outreach, social media and fundraising. She is an adjunct professor of communications at American University’s Key Certificate Program and serves on the board of NTEN. Katya has trained thousands of causes in effective engagement, and her marketing materials for non-profits have won national and international awards.

Fundraising Success Magazine named her Fundraising Professional of the Year in 2007, and she has since become one of its regular columnists. Before joining Network for Good, she was Senior Vice President of Sutton Group, a marketing and communications firm, and a marketing consultant overseas in Ukraine. She also worked for CARE International. Katya traces her passion for good causes to the enormous social need she witnessed as a journalist prior to her work in the non-profit sector. She was a foreign correspondent for Reuters News and Television in Asia and for Associated Press and major US newspapers in Africa.