Your website is important and is the key to activating your audience. Therefore, you must take a critical look to determine if it actually meets the needs of its visitors. As an extension of your brand, it should visually reflect your organization’s logo and your mission throughout the pages. What is the exact purpose your site is serving? If you are trying to raise money, are there secure links to donate online? If you are trying to offer information and resources to your website visitors, are they easy to find or download? Determining the answers to questions such as these will indicate if it is time to completely revamp your website.

If it just needs a few new interactive details, we’ve got some suggestions that will give your website new purpose without much effort, or more importantly, much money.

One easy tool that can add a new dimension to your website is a blog feed straight into your website. Here you can post your latest press releases, event announcements, or even articles that you have written about your area of expertise. No matter your cause, if you are working for a nonprofit organization, you are an expert on some topic related to that cause. Use this knowledge to your advantage and open yourself up to the community as someone they can come to for answers to their questions. And if you don’t have all the answers? No problem. Find a guru on the topic and get them involved as well. Have a guest columnist or a Dr-on-call, if relevant. Provide a resource for your visitors and they will keep coming back. If they keep coming back, they will most likely become involved, either as a volunteer or through a monetary donation. Fostering relationships with your website visitors can make your organization reach the next level.

Blogs help your site appear higher in search engines, and it will show that your organization is actively updating the website, which encourages visitors to come back again and again. Too many organizations spend money on creating the site, and then leave it static for months. If the content never changes, there is no reason to return once you’ve reviewed all of the pages. You want to show those searching for your organization that you are actively engaged in your website and that you value it as an essential part of your communications efforts. A blog will also allow you to post videos to your website, increasing your site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and generating a completely new way to engage your audience. People tend to be very visual. Show them a result of your efforts through testimonials or boost interest in your next event by showing how much fun they can have through last year’s footage. Creating an experience visually will generate interest and excitement. You can demonstrate your organization’s personality, engage the community in your organization through quizzes or surveys, and demonstrate how donor dollars and volunteer hours are making a difference and supporting your mission. Talk with your web provider to find out costs associated with these.

Want more ideas on how to bring your website to the next level? Join us for our “Web Fusion” educational seminar for nonprofits!