Adding Social Media to your marketing campaign requires more than just setting up a Facebook page that links to your Twitter. Its the simple way to go, but your mission to share what you have to say to the world is bound to fail.

Many overlook the importance of a Social Media Plan, even though its the bread and butter of making a social impact. Before creating your pages, you need to have a defined plan of attack, and these quick tips will help you make it happen!

1) Define your goals
Know what you want to accomplish with your social media. Are you planning to increase awareness, sales, volunteers? Make them measurable, but be realistic. Social media success doesn’t happen overnight!

2) Define your audience
Who are you wanting to reach? By determining who your audience will be, you will know what to share with them. If you are seeking donors, you’ll want to share with them the benefit of your services within the community. If you want to reach your customers, you want to show them all of your products and tell them why they can’t live without them!

3) Keep the Conversation Going
Social media is about interacting. A continuous conversation that you must be involved in. If the conversation becomes one-sided and you are not responding, your social media will slowly fall apart, and you will get left in the dark.

4) Engage the audience
Find ways to get your fans active on your pages. Give them information that they want to share with their friends, or topics they feel compelled to comment on. Tweet tips, resources, events, etc. that they want to ReTweet. Get them involved in the conversation and your social media will soar!

5) Learn from everyone
Keep an eye on what everyone else is doing. In your community and event throughout the country. Find those social media trenders who really know how to make it work. Follow their pages and find out what they are saying. If their audience is engaged, they must be doing a great job.

Putting a thoughtful process together before jumping into social media will take your efforts to the next level. Be sure you know why you are using social media. If you are doing it just because everyone else is, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Find your purpose first and you’ll be surprised what happens.