Crisis Communication

The Non-profit Press Conference: “Will you be on the 6:00 news?”

Do you remember the classic movie line “If you build it, he will come” from the 1989 American fantasy-drama, Field of Dreams? Farmer Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, hears a voice and sees a baseball diamond where his cornfield stands. The “he” that is being referred to is none other than Pickens-born, […]

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Crisis Communications 101

Learning how to effectively manage and communicate during an emergency or a crisis is essential for the success of each organization. A well-developed crisis communications plan can make the process smoother and help guide the leadership and staff of an organization through a potential crisis. Even though in most organizations only a few people […]

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Crisis Communications: Is Your Nonprofit Prepared?

No organization believes they need crisis communications…until a crisis occurs. Unfortunately, by then it’s too late to create a plan of how to deal with the situation and you are forced to improvise. Starting with a solid crisis communications plan in place can reduce tension during an incident, demonstrate your nonprofit’s commitment and expertise, […]

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