Communications Strategist. Trusted Partner. Community Investor.

Our DNA team members direct our passion for our community toward providing inspirational marketing and public relations services to nonprofit and government organizations. Agencies who tirelessly strive to enhance the quality of life in their communities. We’ve had the joy of working with over 300 nonprofits, carefully crafting and implementing individualized communications strategies based on their specific needs and focused on achieving their mission.

We love to provide our nonprofit partners with tools to help them achieve success, but that’s really not what motivates us. Not exactly. The propelling force behind what we do is the realization that because of our work more children will grow their self esteem as they improve their reading skills, more people will have access to fresh foods, more students will be advanced through the opportunity to improve their education, more adults will receive the training and financial support they need to provide for their families. What pushes us forward is what follows the work that we do – a better environment, cleaner water, improved healthcare, hearts that are warmed and smiling faces. This is our DNA…it’s WHO WE ARE.

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DNA works with nonprofits to help them achieve their missions
and improve the quality of life in their communities..

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